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   We are a 501(c)(4) nonprofit corporation. Our funding comes from you. We are asking each ex-felon, or interested party, to donate $1.00 a month. Article III will use your donations to hire or establish Lobbying entities in Washington, D.C. and each of the State Capitols and Territories. In turn, we will advocate for your right to have an elected judge, or appointed judge, hear your case in our courts; advocate reform of the Civil Disability Laws so you or your family member may find meaningful employment. With any extra funding over and above administrative costs, we will establish a means of assisting the long-term imprisoned in returning to society as productive citizens. You have my word your donations will be put to good use. The public won't understand what that means. You will.

​    One time donations are made through the Donate Button. To donate $1.00 a month automatically through either a credit card or your PayPal account, use the Subscribe Button.

​Thank you in advance.

114 East 8th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 us


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